We all know it very well that Word 2010 makes it quite easier to collaborate and navigate through long documents. That is why it is preferred by heavy Word users. But the documents created on this version of Word are completely non immune to corruption and get easily corrupt when the user tries to change the file extension or when the power supply to the computer is cut. These situations lead to the inaccessibility of Word files and hence you will not be able to read the content which is present in each and every file. Have you nay doubt about how to repair corrupt Word 2010 file? No worry, it is definitely possible to repair corrupted Word 2010 document. You can safely fix Word document on Windows 8, Win XP or Win server computers with the aid of a popular repair product such as Repair Doc File.

The Word 2010 files get damaged under different situations. Mostly these docs get broken due to round tripping. Round tripping is nothing but changing the file format frequently. Suppose you create a Word document and save it in your laptop in RTF format. When you transfer the same document from your laptop to some other computer you might change the format of the file from RTF to DOC or DOCX. After some time you might again convert the document to RTF format. If this round tripping is carried out for a long time then the chances of your Word 2010 doc getting corrupt increases. Round tripping must be avoided in order to protect essential documents. If not possible, you can fix corrupt Word 2010 document using this application.

Apart from round tripping there are still many other causes for file corruption. Suppose you are downloading a document from the internet. If any interruption occurs at this point of time then the download process will get interrupted and the file gets broken due to incomplete download. When the download process gets disturbed some errors come up to indicate that the file is damaged. While editing, if the power fails all of a sudden or power starts fluctuating then also the Word file gets damaged. Then, do not think about how to repair corrupt Word 2010 file, Just use this solution once to fix corrupt Word 2010 document and recover all information from the file.

This is a read only tool to fix corrupt Word 2010 document and hence it will not make any kind of modification to the original Word doc while repairing. You can completely rely upon this software to repair corrupted Word 2010 document. It is the perfect option to fix Word 2000, 2003 and 2007 documents. By using this robust application it is possible to repair corrupted Word 2010 document that are damaged due to improper Windows shutdown, OS crash and download error.

You must follow certain instructions in order to protect necessary files that you created on your Word 2010. First of all, you must install a strong antivirus application on your Windows computer and run it on the regular basis to avoid corruption of your Word document. This will also help protect the header file associated with the document. Secondly, you must not try to open your file during continuous power cuts. Also, you must make sure that the battery backup is sufficient before you actually start editing your Word document. If you need to fix corrupt Word 2010 document in any case, employ this tryst-worthy application.

How to repair corrupt Word 2010 file:

Step 1: From the main window choose your broken Word document by browsing and then click on "Repair" button.

Word 2010 Document Repair - Main Screen

Figure 1: Main Screen

Step 2: Preview the repaired file after the completion of repair process.

Fix Word 2010 Corrupt Document - Preview Screen

Figure 2: Preview Screen

Step 3: Store the fixed file on your Windows computer after previewing.

Mend Damaged Word 2010 File - Save Repaired File

Figure 3: Save Repaired File