A Word file header as we all know is an important part of any file type. One can get different information about a particular file if the header part of that file is healthy and free from any kind of corruption. It is possible to get details such as date of Word file creation, last modified date and size of the file if the header of a Word document is in a healthy condition. But sometimes what happens is, these Word file headers get severely damaged due to some powerful factors such as virus attacks, word template corruption, Microsoft Word application crash and some errors which also include Cyclic Redundancy Check errors. These factors indirectly lead to the damage of vital Word files. In this way one loses access to his system Word documents. But there is no need to worry about the inaccessible files. You can easily get through the problem of Word file header corruption and fix damaged Word file header with the help of an advanced repair product such as repair doc file. Make use of this software if you want to repair Word 2010 document which is corrupt due to header corruption.

Due to header corruption you will not be able to perform any modification or change in the Word files. You will have to create a new word file which is obviously a tedious or laborious job. But if you fix the damaged header then you will be able to access the Word file. So you can make use of this application to repair the broken Word document header. This tool will surely help you to overcome certain scenarios that lead to corruption of file header, such as popping up of CRC error, Word template corruption etc.

While you are downloading or uploading a Word file if some error occurs then the file will get corrupt and some bad data will be written to your Word header. These Word file headers get severely damaged when the system crashes. Due to logical hard drive failure, system crashes and at the same time if you are using the Word file then the file will get damaged. MS Word crashes when third party utilities are installed repeatedly on the system.

When this happens, the header structure will get damaged and hence the Word file will become inaccessible. Template corruption is also one of the main reasons behind the Word header corruption. Templates are nothing but the layouts of Word files which contains Micros, texts and formatting styles. When these templates get damaged the Word Doc header associated with the Word file also gets broken. To fix Word file header damaged in these situations you will require this utility.

This product will help you repair header broken due to reasons such as power surge, improper Word termination, OS crash etc. It supports MS Word 2000, 2003, 2007 and 2010. You can fix damaged Word file header on Windows XP, Vista, Win 8 and Windows server computers with ease by using this software. To get back the access to documents of type .doc and .docx you can make use of this utility.

Procedure to repair Word document header:

Step 1: Choose the Word file that is broken due to header corruption from the main screen and then start the repair process.

MS Word File Header Repair - Main Screen

Figure 1: Main Screen

Step 2: Preview the fixed Word document using "Preview file" option.

Repair Broken Word File Header - Preview Screen

Figure 2: Preview Screen

Step 3: Finally, save the fixed file on any destination folder.

Fix Damaged MS Word Document Header - Save Repaired File

Figure 3: Save Repaired File